Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take?
Most treatments from the time your IV specialist arrives till they leave is about 45 minutes.

Is it going to hurt?
It's no more painful than the plucking of an eyebrow. We use small gauge needles for all our treatments, so most IV’s have little pain associated with them.

Who should get the Immunity Boost IV drip?
The Immunity boost IV drip is recommended for people who are ill, recovering from an illness, or want to protect themselves from falling sick.
1 Ltr Saline Fluid, 2000 mg Vitamin C, 1 mg B12, 1 ml B-Complex Vitamins, 200 mg Magnesium, 200 mg Glutathione, 10 mg Zinc

Can I customize my Immunity Boost IV?
Yes, you may customize your Immunity Boost IV therapy. You can add, remove or add-in key medicines you and your Carmel Clinic nurse think are appropriate for you health goals.

How regularly should I get the Immunity Boost IV drip?
Due to its immune-boosting properties and overall health benefits, the Immune Boost IV drip should be taken monthly.

Can it be used in an IV Party?
Yes. The Immunity Boost IV Therapy can be used in IV parties, health meetups, and other social and health events.